Hey there, thrifter. You know a good deal when you see one. 

The Very Important Thrifter Club is the first-ever monthly thrift subscription club in Northeast Ohio. 

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Get monthly coupons to several thrift and consignment stores in northeast Ohio

*check the FAQs below for a detailed breakdown

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Thriftique Showroom
Common Threads Thrift
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new stores are occasionally added

A guide to the best thrift and consignment stores in Northeast Ohio

Plus members-only events, features on our podcast, and much more

VIT Club is a must if you:

  • are a secondhand and vintage enthusiast 

  • love a good deal when you're thrifting

  • want to explore new-to-you stores in Northeast Ohio

  • love knowing where everyone finds all the good stuff at secondhand stores

  • want to make thrifting a lifestyle choice 

  • love being part of a sustainable community

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We're excited that you're excited! Read this first:

How will I get my coupons every month?

Once you subscribe to become a member, your coupons and exclusive content will be delivered electronically on the 1st every month via e-mail and the VIT Club member portal. After you've paid to become a member, you must log in to access member's only content on the VIT Club website.

When will I be billed?

Your bill date is based on the date you sign up. You will automatically be billed on the same day of every month to the card you used to subscribe.

How do I redeem the coupons?

We use a special online platform that will be sent to your member portal Paper copies and screenshots will NOT be accepted in the stores. You must present the digital webpage on a mobile device and follow the instructions on the screen to redeem the coupon.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel any time by completing the brief cancelation form. A confirmation will be sent to your email within 24 hours of submitting your cancelation request.

How do I sign into my member account?

Click the log in link at the top of this homepage and sign in using the email you used to register. Go to the Members page and log into your membership level.

How long are the coupons valid?

Most coupons are valid for approximately two weeks. However some months the coupons are valid for 30/31 days.

How often can I use the coupons?

You can use the coupon for each store one time per month. Occassionally a store will offer multi-use of the coupon. Check back the following month for a new coupon!

How do I access my VIT Club member coupons and thrift guide?

VIT members have access to member only pages. To access these pages: Sign in to your member account Go to the Member Portal page Go to the Thrift Guide page

Can I get a refund on my membership?

Sorry, no refunds on memberships. But you can cancel any time.

What's the difference between the Very Important Thrifter Club and the Best Friends Forever membership?

The Dina's Days VIT Club is a $10 monthly membership program that provides subscribers with exclusive coupons and a thrift guide to thrift and consignment stores in Northeast Ohio. Members get amazing coupons to the following stores:

American Cancer Society Discovery Shop

Common Threads Thrift

Best Bib and Tucker

Gerri's Closet

Goodwill Industries of Akron

Thriftique Showroom

The Best Thrift Friends Forever membership is a $5 monthly patron program that supports the Dina's Days blog and podcast content. As a perk, members receive a discount to custom merch in the Secondhand Swag shop.

How do I access the BTFF perks?

Go to the BTFF Member page Log in using your member email and password

Can I gift a subsciption to someone?

Yes. Send us an email and we will get you set up.

How does the VIT refferal discount work?

If you invite a friend and they sign up by providing your full name at sign up, you'll both get $5 off one month membership.

What's the value of the coupons?

The values may change from month to month. Here's what we're offering for August 2021:

  • Common Threads Thrift 40% off your entire purchase
  • Love our Community Warehouse: 30% off your entire purchase.
  • Best Bib and Tucker: Free bottle of linen spray with any purchase
  • Akron Antiques: 20% off any purchase (not valid on purchases over $100)
  • Goodwill Akron: 20% off any purchase. Not valid at the Outlet or Blue Boutique.
  • Thriftique Showroom: 30% off your entire purchase
  • Gerri's Closet: 30% off any regular priced handbag or home item
  • Shop Dina's Days: 25% total purchase. Cannot be combined with bundle and save discounts.
  • Habitat of Humanity ReStore in Summit County: 30% off furniture items
  • BONUS coupon: 35% off purchase at Goodwill Akron in honor of National Thrift Shop Day. Valid on 8/17/21 only.

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