A club for thrifters, by thrifters.

             I'm inviting you to be a part of the next chapter of Dina's Days by joining my exclusive thrifty membership program with all the perks you've been asking for over the years.

Let's start with some background. 

I'm Dina. 

I'm an Akron-based thrift blogger, podcast host, and branding consultant for thrift stores and creative entrepreneurs. My personal style is bold and colorful and I can’t resist a fully beaded vintage dress.

I teach people how to shop secondhand so they can save money, keep clothing out of landfills, and tap into their individual creativity. 

Ten years ago, I created dinasdays.com to share my secondhand finds and start a conversation about the cost, creative, and environmental benefits of secondhand shopping. Today the blog has grown into a proud community of 19,000 thrifters, podcast listeners, shoppers, and sustainability advocates. 

I've been juggling the Dina's Days brand for 10 years with a full-time 9-5 job and a family.  I recently made the decision to focus on the Dina's Days brand full-time and will also be offering branding and communications consulting for creative entrepreneurs, influencers, and artists. 

I'm grateful for the shared mission and partnership we've developed over the years to grow the secondhand community together.  I'm excited to connect with my readers more closely through this membership program. 


Thank you!
















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